Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Walk Blog Begins

And now begins the epic journey blog! Due to time-off-from-jobs limitations, we decided to do a combination of biking and walking. We also brought a Safety Van, driven by our friend Owen, a painting major at MCAD, which we wound up very much needing at the end.

I feel it's appropriate to start off with this photo. This is a photo of us taking pictures in Lake Geneva, taken by Owen.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who donated and supported us in achieving our dream:

Bethany Knowles-Thompson, Dustin Davis, Dylan Davis, Riley Tucker, Salina Trevino, Sam Perez, Curtis Valasek, Katie Marsan, Barb Lindgren, Julie Ford, Angie Oase, Eric Damon Walters, Jon Miller, Rae Amitay, Karen Tim Eric Laurel and Ariana Hays, Rob Cathy and Evan Berry, Cathy Kemelmacher, Jill Kazaniuk, Mercedes Lenort, Mike Pavlik, Louise Julia Bucky and Penn Dolan, Tom and Mary Dolan, Hui-min Tsen, Rachel Ian and Emma Cobb, Katherine Gibbons, Mike Dust, Katie Ryan, Danielle Keller, Gina Giampaolo, Charlotte Ferguson, Paula Lieberman, Kristy Hinz, Sara Fowler, Mary Kay Ayers, Emily Canibano, Dan Sinclair, David Goldes, Paul Shambroom, Molly McHugh, Cate Vremeland, Paula Newman, Vince Leo, Paul Kulander, Colette Bernhard, Chris Fassett, Alexis Akagawa, Rebecca Weinstock, George Slade, Susan Calmenson, Tom Clare and Bebe Anderson, Darryl Drozdik, Linda and Steve Dever, Heidi Norton, Ja'Nane Kovarik, Rachel Allie Cait and Jim Wickersham, Patricia Briggs, Iza Suelli, Shannon McKay, Ryan Hughes, Teagan White, Barbara Redmond, Peter Steinick, Chris Korn, Stevie Rexroth and the MCAD Media Arts Department, Colin Marx, Boris Ran, Fred Finn, Nancy Cowans, Merlin Jahn, Christina Sorensen and Deanna Minkler.

And of course our families and Owen McBride Platt.

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