Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Hey All! We're finally printing our books! You may or may not have heard about Meg's house fire in November (shortly after the last post, actually), but that put a big old brake on the whole project. But now we are back in business. It is so exciting to finally see the books coming together and becoming actual physical objects!

For now, here are more pictures:

This man in the parking lot of our hotel in Redwing, MN, kept bringing people outside to show them a giant gun in the back of his truck. And sometimes he would go out by himself and polish it. This happened around once every 10 minutes from the time we got there, until we got bored and went for a walk. Photo by Meg Dolan.

It's the Midwest. As such, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin loves themselves some corn. Photo by Heather Kraft.

A mysterious building gauge, possibly the remnant of a tragic flying tire accident? The world may never know. Photo by Ben Heyer.

And while you're at it, check out the art of our fabulous Safety Driver, Mr. Owen McBride Platt!
(click the picture!)

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